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PUBLICATIONS are a major way of providing governments and the community with a high-quality, user-orientated and dynamic statistical service.  Publications ensure that the statistical data collected are readily available to all members of the community. Therefore, it should be the policy of national statistical agencies that its core statistics should be made available to the community in publications. Regardless of other forms of dissemination, every publication should also have a printed component, at least a cover sheet. The determination of what constitutes core statistics requires judgment.

However, the following guidelines may be helpful:

  • Core statistics are the major statistical aggregates from a statistical collection or the major statistical aggregates from a compilation based on a number of collections (e.g. the National Accounts)
  • The information has been used regularly in mass media comment or, for new publications, would be expected to be used in mass media comment


  • Price and free products
  • Statistical publications and publications which provide information about other publications or products (e.g. catalogs, directories, manuals, classifications, and information, technical and occasional papers)
  • Releases which have major components contained on a medium other than printed pages (e.g. magnetic tape, microfiche, floppy disk, CD-ROM)

What to publish as a PUBLICATION? The decision whether to release statistics as a publication or as an unpublished product requires judgment. Criteria include: 

  • Whether publication is required in the public interest
  • The size of the potential market of both paying and non-paying clients
  • The balance between expected costs and revenues
  • The importance of publicizing the product in catalogs
  • The medium of release (e.g. a magnetic tape product may require fewer clients to make publication worthwhile than would a printed product).