You’d think that after so many surprises, we would be ready for anything. But when we loaded up Bonanza, we were once again amazed. It’s a fitting title, but you will only understand it once you try all the different ways to play and win.

Big Time Gaming has gone to town with this game, combining well-crafted graphics with well-thought-out features. The game’s variance is high despite the limited variety of extras. This is because you may end up with new icons multiple times. This is due to the Reaction feature, a simple but effective way to pump up the action without putting on a show. The animations are fun to watch.

This slot is not a theme, but it does have a lot to offer in terms of novelty. It’s also adorned with 3D graphics and loud sound effects.

Mining for Wins

The game is set in a forest, with a cottage hidden on one side and a waterwheel on the other. This will power the kettle to make all the necessary teas while mining.

The theme is not in line with the game; it is disconnected, but the gameplay matches the music, so a continuum forms. We like the visuals, but that could be because Big Time Gaming has thought outside the box to create something new and innovative.

We can’t stand the hillbilly music that plays while you spin the reels. The music is so repetitive and corny that it makes your ears bleed. It’s enough with all the clever sound effects. Sometimes, it’s best to have minimal or no sounds at all. This is less irritating in the end.

Carting off

You’ve probably seen the symbols on carts moving above the grid. These carts are hard to miss and can change the game’s outcome.

The exclusive design is only on the second to fifth reels, but it can feel like it covers all of the matrix. The game can be overwhelming with all the carts and collapsing wheels. The way the game works, not the amount of variety, is what overwhelms.

Go for Gold

The scatter symbol is one of our most unusual symbols. You can spell out ‘GOLD’ and win several prizes. The feature will only start if you have all the letters. Once it starts, players are awarded 12 additional games. A different set of spins is added if a +5 scatter appears during this period.

The mine’s appearance will change underground. You can hear the earthy tones as the reactions multiply your wins. The multiplier increases every time you blow up a new section of the mine. It starts at x1, and as it is unlimited, it can reach a monstrous amount.


Six revolutions and up to seven symbols can appear on each reel simultaneously, creating a dynamic array of rewards. There are 117,649 Megaways. This is a term Big Time Gaming has coined to make its multiple ways of playing sound cool.

Although it may sound exciting, we only won what we expected. This is disappointing, given that volatility should be much lower.

Who enjoys being in a Millionaire Megaways slot?

The UK’s most popular TV show has now made its way onto slot reels. Big Time Gaming is the lucky game provider who signed a licensing agreement with the rights holders to create an online slot that will thrill players and allow them to become millionaires. BTG’s most popular places, such as Bonanza and Danger High Voltage, can all produce wins exceeding 10,000 your bet. WWTBAM has a maximum success of 50,000 times the stake. This means a maximum wager of 20 coins could create the first millionaires in a non-progressive game.

It has been airing for over two decades and shows no signs of losing appeal or popularity. It has been licensed in over twenty countries, including Germany, the USA, and India. Candidates answer 15 multiple-choice questions to climb a ladder with increasing cash prizes. Answering the last question will earn you 1 million local currency. Contestants have three options to overcome potential obstacles: 50/50, call a friend, or ask the audience. They can choose to continue or stop after each question.

The Millionaire’s Slot Reels

Since the first announcement of the licensing agreement, we’ve been eagerly awaiting the slot’s appearance. We have not been let down. The slot reels have been beautifully adapted to capture the show’s atmosphere. The background of the slot reels is a creative take on the show, with mostly blue colors. The game window is illuminated by spotlights similar to those seen in the show. They adapt to the color of a winning combination. The soundtrack is virtually identical to the original and perfectly synchronized with the action on the reels. The show logo is located above the stake and controls window to the right of the game window.

The slot machine has ten pay symbols, one scatter symbol, and one wild symbol. The low-value suits are 9s through As, while the green, blue, and red gems are on the middle level in order of value. The highest-paying symbol in the game is a diamond. While the wild symbol is an enquire mark on a round tile with a rainbow color, it is also the top-paying. The wild symbol only appears on the additional reel at the game’s bottom right. Scatters appear as the slot logo.

Megaways stats and numbers

The patented Megaways engine creates Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. It has six reels with up to 117 649 winning ways. The game determines how many positions each reel will have on every spin. The number of posts can range from 2 to 7 for reels 1 and 6 and 2 to 6 for reels 2 to 5. The game also has an extra reel with four positions at the bottom, extending from reels two to five. This allows for more symbols on each spin. The total number of winning ways is reached when all reels are at their maximum places.

This slot has several features, including symbol cascades and wild substitutions. It also includes a bonus round with 50 free spins. This medium-variance slot has a 96.24% RTP, and stakes range from 0.20 up to 20 coins. The payouts for six-of-a-kind start at 0.8x and reach a maximum of 50x. According to the provider, the maximum win is a staggering 50,000x stake. The game can be recreated in HTML5 on any OS platform, including desktops, tablets, and mobiles.

Extra Reels and Reactive Winnings

The symbols are dropped from the top of the six reels based on a random selection. The top of the screen displays the number of active winning ways for that spin. The extra reel will also add symbol position on the reels 2-5 by spinning four symbols across the reels. From left to right, adjacent symbols are paid out. Multi-symbol combinations on one or more of the reels can multiply your win. For example, if you have two green gems in reel 1, one in reel 2, and two in reel 3, that combination will be multiplied by four.

The symbols that make up a winning combination will explode in a reaction, allowing new characters to be placed. This will continue if there is a new winning combo after the response. All replies are added together, and the winnings are paid out before the next spin.

Gamble on the Hot Seat Free Spins

This slot will reward you with eight free spins if three scatters are visible on any reel following one or more reactions. Scatters can stack up on the same reel due to the responses. The maximum number of scatters per spin is eight. If you trigger the bonus round with more than three scatters, the Hot Seat Free Spins Gamble will begin at a higher level for each scatter. If you have four scatters, the Hot Seat Free Spins Gamble will start at ten instead of 8.

The Hot Seat Free Spins Gamble, a bonus game similar to the TV show’s questions and lifelines, is a fun way to win free spins. The players can either lock in one of the four possible answers, climb the ladder to earn more free spins if the answer is correct, or walk away with their current amount. The only way to lose the free spins round is if you gamble between 8 and 10 free spins after the initial step. Players can always expect to win free spins, even if they choose the wrong answer.

The slot opens to a second display with a ladder of free spins ranging from 8 to 50 on the right and three lifelines on the left – ask the audience, call a friend, and 50:50. The bottom of the screen has four options – A B C D – as well as a button to “walk away.” The game will now randomly select one of the lifelines and display which answer is most likely correct. The 50:50 will eliminate two answers.

The “final answer button” allows players to select a final answer. The game will then reveal the correct answer after a few seconds. The player will move up one level on the free spins ladder if the answer is correct. If the participant loses the bet, they will drop to zero if it was between 8 and 10 free spins. Therefore, gambling at 10 or 20 spins is risk-free, as the game will award the same number of spins for each safe level.

Once the bonus game is over, the ladder will determine the number of free spins. During free spins, a multiplier starts at 1x and then increases by 1x for each reaction. It will, for example, increase by 4x when a spin contains four responses. Scatters appearing on the extra reel below the game window can award more free spins during the bonus. Three scatters and four scatters add 4 and 8 spins, respectively.

Megaways Reels

In December 2016, the first Megaways-powered game was released. Megaway slots are now the most popular games in online casinos. The first Megaways slots were from Big Time Gaming. However, since 2018, the engine has been licensed to Blueprint Gaming. They have released their own Megaways slot in the interim. Bonanza by BTG and Genie Jackpots Megaways by Blueprint Gaming are great examples.

Our Millionaire Verdict

It was one of the few “WOW!” moments we’ve experienced in our two decades of reviewing and playing slot machines. Big Time Gaming’s Who Wants to Be a Millionaire is the first Megaways slot to offer a chance to win a million dollars or more. Previously, winning a million on progressive jackpot slots was only possible.

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire’s maximum winning potential is unlikely, but it can be achieved with a payout of more than 50,000x your stake on the maximum stake. The theme is executed beautifully, down to the last detail. For example, the lighting and sounds are synchronized with the action of the reels. When the slot is released at the end of 2018, people will be in line to play it. Will you be among them?